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Unexpected Favs for Postpartum

Updated: Jan 10

There are no fewer than one million lists out there. You’re probably overwhelmed with what to buy. I hear that. So I'll keep this list short- my favourite postpartum products.

December 2023


Without trying to add to the overwhelm, I wanted to layout a few things I recommend having on hand for your postpartum experience. These are things I personally found remarkably helpful n both of my postpartum experiences, and things I recommend to my patients as a pelvic floor physio. I do receive a small commission if you purchase through these links.

Simple reusable black tumbler water bottles with straws


Tumbler water bottles Think: one hand, straw, no screw top. You are going to get locked into positions with your babe whether you are breast/chest or bottle feeding. Being able to drink water without having to use two hands to open the water bottle or tip it up to your mouth is much more important than you realize. And you are going to get thirsty. Especially if you’re breast or chest feeding. Did you know many people experience a thirst reflex during a letdown- the mechanisms aren't totally understood but our bodies are really brilliantly designed. Breast/chest feeding people need an average of 3.8 L of water per day. (Did your brain just explode a bit, because, yes, that is A LOT of water.)  Regardless of the feeding status- your cells need water to function properly. Your pelvic floor will also benefit from this immensely. You lose a lot of blood and fluid through delivery- regardless of mode. Being properly hydrated will help your healing. It’ll also help you manage your bowels better, and keep your bladder much happier- both of which are very good for your pelvic floor health, especially after nine months of pregnancy followed by a vaginal delivery or an abdominal surgery. I know some of you are worried about leaking pee- and if you’re reducing your water intake because of that- I have news for you- it’s making the problem worse. But that’s a topic for another post.


Perineal ice packs for postpartum

Perineal ice packs These are amazing and multipurpose. You can use this as a perineal ice pack if you have had a vaginal delivery or are dealing with hemorrhoids from pregnancy and/or delivery. You can also use it as an ice pack over your incision following a c-section. The other handy part is that these double as hot packs, so when you’re dealing with the cramping postpartum which is caused by your uterus contracting as it returns to its pre pregnancy size. Later if you’re struggling with neck or shoulder pain secondary to all the things that come with caring for a newborn, it can be nice to have a hot pack on hand for some relief. I would also suggest following up with some support from a physio who is experienced with the perinatal population and can help you figure out how to build up your strength and modify many of those repetitive new mother tasks (this is obviously my shameless plug for my profession).

Breast ice packs


Breast ice packs Okay this is obviously specific for the breast/chest feeding people. These can be an absolute life saver, especially when your milk comes in- also known as engorgement. You might be told to use heat or massage on your breasts, however please DO NOT. The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine published a new protocol in 2021 and the news is: ice is your friend when it comes to engorgement and clogged ducts or mastitis. 


I will put together a more comprehensive list at some point which I’ll be sure to link here, but for now these are among my top recommendations. I will also write a future post on some of the bigger ticket items I think are worth investing in, but as always, I’m deeply cognizant of my own privilege in writing these recommendations.


For now: Happy Mothering and never hesitate to reach out to me with questions. I’m on Instagram (I will NOT provide medical advice there) or you can email me. 

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