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Postpartum Physiotherapy

Growing a human for nine months and then delivering a baby either via c-section or vaginal delivery is a monumental task that your body endures.  It takes time to recover and rehabilitate, and more time than you might realize especially as you’re caring for the new life in your life. Postpartum physiotherapy is focused on addressing any concerns you may be having and helping you get back to your favourite activities safely and feeling like yourself. We can help with issues related to:

-urinary leakage

- painful sex

- pelvic pressure or pain

- sacroiliac dysfunction

- low back pain

- general postural pain

- diastasis recti

- scar tissue management

- postpartum exercise prescription and management

- returning to running and/or high impact activity postpartum

**Please note if you are booking a postpartum pelvic floor assessment for an internal exam, please wait until after your 6-8 week checkup with your physician or midwife to book your appointment, however you can begin physiotherapy prior to this time and I encourage you to do so, we won't do an internal exam before 6 weeks postpartum.

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